Orthly for providers

Your experience. Our innovation. Their smiles.

With Orthly, treatment begins with an in-office visit but continues virtually through our innovative platform that allows you to connect with patients and monitor their progress remotely. It's a smaller commitment of time and a boost in revenue for every case.

Your expertise gives patients the standard of care they need.

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For dentists:

Additional dental clients

Many of our patients require dental work prior to beginning treatment. We're happy to refer them to your office. Through Orthly, you'll be able to tap into a new customer base and revenue stream.

We take the risk

We invest thousands of dollars in marketing and bring you patients for invisible aligners and potential clients for dental work.

For orthodontists:

Earn money in your free time

We work with licensed state orthodontists to create treatment setups for our patients. We pay you higher than our direct-to-consumer counterparts.

Work remotely

No need to be in an office to create treatment setups. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home.