Orthly was founded with a defiant spirit and a bold proposition: to transform the way we get smiles and offer it at an incomparable price, and in the process make the world a little happier.

As with all great companies, ours was born from a simple frustration: Braces are too expensive. While working for a technology startup, our founder Patrick Lee met with a local orthodontist to inquire about his bite, which had been bugging him for years. It was this encounter that sparked a revolutionary idea.

Patrick learned that it would cost him $7500 to get the clear braces he needed for a better smile. For Lee, who had never before gotten braces, this was bizarre. How could a decades-old technology cost so much?

The answer laid with one company. Upon research, Lee discovered that a single company dominates 85% of the billion-dollar clear braces industry, allowing them to charge sky-high prices and thwart the competition through dirty lawsuits.

Patrick teamed up with his close friend Daniel Hanover, then a student at The Wharton School, to create a novel solution.

By eliminating expensive office overhead costs, working directly with a world-class manufacturer, and delivering straight to the patient, Orthly provides doctor-prescribed invisible aligner treatment that combines convenience and superb quality at less than half of the usual price.


We met while students at the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University, initially drawn to each other sharing and ruminating over world-changing ideas. Since then, we’ve become close friends.
Daniel Hanover
Co-Founder and CEO
Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. Plagued by years of oral alignment issues, he decided to bring his 8 years of technical experience to Orthly to ensure a solution to this ordeal accessible to everyone. In his spare time, he likes running and experimenting with food.
Patrick Lee
Founder and Chairman
Energized by possibilities and inspired to solve the impossible, Patrick is a creative technology mind and accomplished film director who, after studying computer science at Duke University, started Orthly because he struggled to find a better solution for his teeth. In his spare time, he enjoys reading biographies and spending time in the outdoors.